Autotask to weclapp Contact Sync

von: ApplicationLink
Verbinde weclapp mit Autotask und synchronisiere deine Kontakte.


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This integration synchronizes contacts between Autotask and weclapp. In this implementation Autotask is your main CRM database regarding contacts. New contacts or changes on existing contacts can be transferred to weclapp to make sure in both solutions the most recent information is available. If there is a relation between a contact and a company in Autotask, then this relation will also be used in weclapp, considering the fact of course that the company also exists in weclapp. If in both solutions contacts already exist it is important to manually create a connection between two similar contacts first (based on email address), before using the integration to update contacts. Nonexisting contacts will be created automatically when running this solution. This link can be executed manually or automated via our scheduler which can be set-up in the link settings. After every transfer a log can be viewed on our platform or via mail. This log will show you the contacts that were created/updated and/or the ones that failed (including the reason why).


Project and administration costs = € 150 one-off (*)
Subscription Autotask to weclapp contact sync = € 0 per month (part of the account sync)

(*) When you order multiple integrations at once, this fee will only be charged once.


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3125 BP Schiedam


Relevant documents for this integration are:

  • Set-up application login Autotask;
  • Set-up application login weclapp;
  • Set-up contact link between Autotask and weclapp.


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